Veterans Memorial Park

The City of Rainier has constructed a Veterans Memorial Park located on State Highway 507 (Binghampton Street). The park consists of an exposed aggregate concrete flag plaza in the shape of a pentagon. The flag plaza displays the United States, Washington State, POW/MIA, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard flag. The United States flag is lighted from dusk till dawn. Located at the base of each flagpole is a bronze plaque depicting the seal of each military service.

City of Rainier WA - Veterans Memorial ParkThe park also contains a four foot by eighty foot Wall of Honor on which laser engraved tiles are mounted. There are 18 tiles listing the names, service, and war for those persons born in Washington State who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. The tiles are sold by the Rainier Veterans Memorial Park Foundation to raise money for further construction and maintenance of Veterans Memorial Park. Forms to order tiles may be obtained at Rainier City Hall or a copy may be downloaded from this page, below. In addition, there is a sculpture of a soldier kneeling at a fellow soldier’s grave site and a bench for people to sit and reflect. There is an asphalt path at the rear of the park that connects to the Yelm to Tenino trail which connects to the Chehalis-Western Trail. Flowering cherry trees are at the rear corners of the park.

The Rainier Veterans Memorial Park is unique in that it honors not only veterans of military service as well as Police and Fire service, but anyone who has served their community, County, State or Country in any way. A person does not have to be a resident of Rainier to have a tile placed on the Wall of Honor.

Veteran’s Memorial Park “Wall of Honor” Tiles

The Rainier Veteran’s Memorial Park Was dedicated on August 25, 2007 to honor all veterans, active duty personnel, reservists of the armed services, and members of police and fire services, and any individual or group that serves our community and country. The Rainier Veteran’s Memorial Park, is located on State Route 507 (Binghampton Street) in the center of Rainier. Veteran’s Memorial Park includes a prominent “Wall of Honor” paved with laser inscribed tiles with the names of those to be honored. Each tile placed on the wall is engraved using a patented process that is guaranteed to never fade, chip, oxidize or peel.  These tiles are available for purchase through the City of Rainier and the Rainier Veterans Memorial Park Foundation.



William Anderson Airman USN VS891 1948-1957

Gary Don Adair SP/4 US Army Vietnam June 27 1952 August 16 1996 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)


Barnhouse Alan L USN 7-88 2-91

John H Barnhouse USAF A2C Jan 1955 Sep 1958

Leonard A Barnhouse USN Seaman 24 Apr 1951 – 8 Apr 1955

Barnhouse Thomas E USN 10-62 2-66

William H Barnhouse USN BM3 1952 – 1956

CPL Timothy S Baker HHB 2D BN 146th F A WAANG

Jerry W Bergman Rainier Mayor 81 – 83 6/24/41 5/27/2011

In honor of MAJ Herman J Bichler US Army 1956 – 1969

Gaye and Barry Bridges

D Leniel Blain USAF Major served 1963 – 1983

HT1(SW) Raymond L Blocher US Navy

DP2 Arla D Blocher US Navy

In honor of all US Veterans and their families Tony Bloom

God Bless the USA and its veterans Doug and Cindy Bloom

Robert W Boneham USMC Cpl 1984 -1991 Desert Shield/Storm

SGT Neil Burnham United States Marine Corps 1952 through 1955

MG Leslie M Burger Medical Corps US Army 1966-1999 Julie Burger American Red Cross

CWO3 Frank A Buoniconti 16th Combat AVN BDE June 2 1975 December 12 2011

Gary G Brock 1951 – 2014 SSG US Army AM W/OLC Vietnam Husband, Father and Grandfather – Our Hero


Eusebio B Cantu JR 1934 – 1999 USAF Fire

Appreciation of all veterans of all wars Bob and Lois Carlson

James T Cash WWII US Navy Signalman 2ND Class USS Cowpens Air Craft Carrier Pacific we love you Dad

Bob H Chatwood US Army/Air Corp 01/15/43 – 12/09/45

SGT Ken Collins Royal Artillery ABN WWII United Kingdom

Sergeant Major Bradley D Connor US Army Special Forces Green Beret 3-5-66 to 5-9-2007 De Opresso Liber

COL Daniel A Cooper USAF West Point 1930 November 13 1906 May 6 2006 An Officer and a Gentleman

CW3 William Cover USN-US Army 1958-1978

SPC5 Gene L Crosby US Army 1968-1972 Vietnam 69 Korea 70

Donald Dean Conway FS/USNR USS Lindenwald LSD-6 Dock Landing Ship World War II 1944




Donald Dean FS/CUSNR USS Lindenwald 1944

SSG Thomas E. Decker U.S. Army 1975-1995 2/75 Rngr 1st SFG (A)

Dedicated to 62nd Medical Brigade Mayor Nancy Decker

DET B52 5th SFG(ABN) Project Delta RVN 1964-1970 PUC VUC MUC NUC VNCG VCAHM in recognition of all DELTA warriors

SP5 Little J Jackson Medic B52 5th SFG KIA 3/17/1968 RVN

SFC Paul D Spillane B52 5th SFG KIA 7/25/1968 RVN

SSG Thomas K Long RT7 B52 5th SFG KIA 4/16/1969 RVN

SP4 Douglas E Dahill RT6 B52 5th SFG Mia 4/17/1969 RVN

SGT Charles Prevedel RT6 B52 5th SFG MIA 4/17/1969 RVN

SSG Charles V Newton RT6 B52 5th SFG MIA 4/17/1969 RVN

SP4 Steven A Spiers Medic B52 5th SFG KIA 3/10/1970 RVN

Kathleen M Desmond LTC ANC 1985 – 2006

Kathleen Devin Colonel ANC 1962 – 1990

Donald N Door USN CS3 1962-1956 USCG CS2 1957-1961

John Dowies US Army Ret Tenino Police Killed in line of duty 1-18-1978


Cheryl Edman United States Army 1964-1967 1974-1979

Harry G Edmonds AL2 USS Sicily CVE114

Stanley G Edmonds SK3 USS Calvert APH32 Stuart A Edmonds Qm3 USS Albuqerque PF7

Mike Elliott US Army Aviation NOV 1971 – DEC 1991

Mimi Elliott Wife

James Elliott Son

Jennifer Elliott Daughter

Mystary Rae Elliott Renwick Granddaughter

Alice Hensley Essensa Paraeducator 28 years Rainier School District 307

Dave Essensa Rainier Fire Dist 4 30 years Vol Fireman

Edison L Essensa USN 1941-1961 Chief Store Keeper

Jim Essensa US Army 1954 to 1956

Joe Essensa US Navy 1942-1946

MAJ(R) Agustin R (Gus) Fabian 1/15/39 – 12/28/08 Project Delta B-52 5th SFG (A) Vietnam 7/20/69 – 7/14/70

Terryle A Foley Rainier City Council 1988 through 2001 Rainier Fire District Auxillary 1985 through 2007

In loving memory Melvin Clark Frost United States Navy 1955-1957 Husband-Father-Poppa

Alexander C Findlay PVT US Army WWII September 27 1902 January 13 1988 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)



George Gehrke US Navy 3 years Fire Dept

T5 Harold L Gibson US Army WWII 1942-45 13th AR 780th AT BN

James Riley Gehrke United States Navy Mayor of Rainier 1980 and 1988 Rainier Volunteer Firefighter

Edward E Gibson SSG US Army 1954-1977 82nd Airborne

Marjorie Gibson Red Cross Volunteer WWII 1942-1946

Ronald V Gibson Law Enforcement 1981 to 2006

Wilbur p Gibson US Navy 1942-1945 WWII USS Stafford

Elmer Clyde Gifford PVT 1st Class Army served half year in France n Germany Bronze Victory Button W War I Veteran

WWII 1944 – 1946 SGT Manley W Goodwin 158th Bushmasters Reet Combat Team Served under GEN Douglas MacArthur

Thank You Veterans Roger Gubser and Family

Dan M Guitar Ret SFC USAF 1948-1953 US Army 1957-1972

In memory of those who sacrificed so much Gray & Osborne, Inc

GRAMA Rainier Public Works 1989 to May 22, 2007

George W Gehrke US Navy WWII February 15 1922 JULY 23 2012 Rainier Gift To Port Orford Oregon

SP/5 Robert H Hayden US Army 1967-1970 Vietnam 1968-1970

John W Halverson American Legion Lacey Post 94 USAF

Robert “Wes” Hamerly United States Army

Dolores M Hartley US Army Retired 1960-1990

Lennie M Hartley United States Army

Robert F Hauth City Attorney 195-2007 In loving memory of wife Carole M Hauth

SFC dale Heinselman US Army Retired M1RC NET Team 67-97

PFC Jack Heinselman United States Army 1950 -1953

SGT Roger Heinselman USAF Retired 65-85 63rd CES

In Loving memory of Charles W Henderson CPL USMC Iwo Jima

Jerry R Garrison United States Navy 1952-1954

Stanley B Hilberg Sergeant USAAF WWII 1942-1946

Wade Hislop Rainier #4 Firefighter ATV 4 life

Bob Howard Jr Construction LLC Honor our Veterans

Jim and Lorie Howdeshell

Dennis J Horsley CW02 US Army Norma P Horsley LTC Army Nurse Corps

Rita Hutcheson Colonel ANC 1965-1992





CMSGT JW Jackson WWII Korea Vietnam USAF Ret

Raymond A Johnston US Army 1943-1945 POW WWII

SGT Edward F Jackson Washington CO K 158 Infantry WWI July 24 1887 September 3 1967 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)

Sadie E Jackson February 22 1880 January 31 1941 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)


Alexander C Findlay PVT US Army WWII September 27 1902 January 13 1988 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)


CAPT August Koeppen CO G 4th Regiment Missouri Cavalry (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)

Irvin Herman Koeppen Washington SC3 US Navy WWI April 10 1896 May 31 1962 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)

Willard Leach

Charlene E Logan Mayor of Rainier 1990-1994 Town Council Member

Robert L Logan SR US Army 1951-1953 Korean War

Lawrence M Losch US Army WWII Veteran 8th Armored Div awarded 3 stars for major battles

In honor of all our veterans Thank you Mark and Cora Love


Walter M Maduzia 1921-2001 USN – USAF

In loving memory of Deborah J Mattoon 10/21/1960 – 7/4/2007

Bill Marilyn McKinney Joseph Casares Justin White all Army

George McKenney IC-3 US Navy 1969-1973 USS Kittyhawk

CSM Dennis C McVey 1st,5th,6th,10th SFG(ABN), LAMC, MAMC US Army 1964-1994 Gloria T McVey wife and friend

ISG Michael R Meador US Army 1986-2008 Haiti 1994 Iraq Vet 2003-04 2006-07 Korea

CSM Ret Neal L Meador US Army 1957-87 Vietnam Vet 1967-68 Korea 3 tours

J Wayne Middleton WWII US Navy 1943 Gary W Middleton US Army 1964 Darrell K Middleton US Army 1966

Rodney Mitchell USN –USNR 1954-1962

Edwin Montgomery National Guard Afghanistan RHS 2000

Daniel W Moody SP5 US Army Vietnam Era 1964-1967

Harley A ‘Bud’ Morris Army 1941-1943 Co G 161 Inf love of son, family and friends and an honorable cowboy

PFC Tommie William Morgan USMC WWII Purple Heart January 23 1925 June 6 2000 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)

CAPT Anne M Montgomery 16th Combat AVN BDE USMA West Point 2008 October 1 1986 December 12 2011

In memory of Harry Nestuk US Army World War II

SGT Justin D Norton 10-30-84 6-24-06 KIA Baghdad Iraq Bronze Star Purple Heart 1st Bn 10th Cav Regt 4th Inf Div US Army

SGT Richard L Norton 1st Infantry Div Vietnam 1965



G W Bill Peters Vietnam 69-71 USN 1966-71

Joseph Page US Merchant Marine WWII Korea Vietnam US Army Korea CPL 2/9/25 – 6/28/2003

SGM Jonathan Palmer US Army 7/69 -7/95 Vietnam 1969-1970 Americal Division God Family Country Psalm 20:7Charles Albert Pape USAF Vol Fire 01/15/42 – 10/24/45

James William Pape US Army 10/64 82nd Airborne 10/67

SFC Arthur Patterson United States Army Sept 72 thru Sept 93

MSG Harold Lee Peery US Army 1960-1985 We love and thank you

William L Price MSGT USAF 1948-1968

James M Pugsley MSG US Air force US Navy SEABEES



MSGT John “Two Dogs” Rainbolt USAF 35 years service Jan 1962- July 1997 “Flew with the best on a hell of a ride”

SFC Timothy A Riggs US Army Ret 1979-1998

Timothy O Ripper E-8 BMCS (SW) USN Retired June 1981- Sept 2001

In memory of those who fought to keep us free Don Rivers

Bernie G Robertson US Army Ranger Vietnam 1970-71 Thank you for our freedom I love you

Wallace J Robertson Master SGT 3rd Class Asiatic Pacific Theater World War II Veteran

SSG Lester Robinson Vietnam 72 Egypt 89 Iraq 91 Macedonia 96 Ukraine 95 Bosnia 96 Kosovo 96 Purple Heart

Arthur L Runyan United States Navy


Raymond Silva United States Navy 1948-1952

Ray Sayer PFC US Army 8-11-1914 2-12-2001

CW4 Anthony Schall US Army April 1941-July 1971

In honor of Randall L Schleis USAF Police Fire

Sculpture donated by American Legion Post 265 Rainier WA and MCM Technologies Powder Coating Centralia WA 12/06

Carlton D Sessoms Sergeant USMC 1995-1999

William E Sickler WWII Navy UDT Team 17 The Naked Warriors Fathers of the US Navy Seals

Earl LRRY Simmonds CW3 Signal Corps United States Army Oct 1956-July 1977 Vietnam 64-65 69-70

Homer USN WWII Wilma Karen Sheets Former owners 18 years Rainier MKT

Trammel Smith USN RIV512 RIVRON5 1965-1969

Owen Bradley Smyth SP/4 33rd Armored Bn 1965 through 1968 Frankfurt Germany Rainier HS 1965

In loving memory Ethel-Faye Sprouffske Co-Founder Senior Center Rainier ED Foundation

In Loving memory Fred J Sprouffske MM3 USN World War II Asst Fire Chief McChord AFB 29 years

Greg Stang US Army 50th Gen Hospital Desert Shield/Storm

Allen D Strahle US Army 1954-1956 Wife Grethe

Gordon Strand & sons John A Strand and Michael L Strand USN

Jeremy Allen Strand Air Force Medics 1990-1996

Richard Lee Succow Planning Commission Rainier City Council Always in our hearts 11-22-1947 1-29-2012

Gary and Kim Summers

CWO3 Shawn Joseph Satterfield 16th Combat AVN BDE May 18 1979 December 12 2011

CWO2 Lucus Daniel Sigfrid 16th Combat AVN BDE March 18 1979 December 12 2011

James W Smith Jr Washington SSGT Dental SVC Det September 1 1918 June 3 1967 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)


United States Air Force Samuel E Taylor LT World War II Purple Heart Pacific Front 

Charles E Thoele USN 1937-1953 Father

D Douglas Thoele USCG 8-17-43 Loved Mother

M A Thoele-Howell US Army 7-12-67 Daughter

Paul G Thoele USN 72-75 Son

South East Thurston Fire & Emergency Medical Services

Kristoffer S Turner Desert Shield US Air Force 1994-01

Nathan C Turner Germany US Army Sgt 1990-93

William W Touminen Washington PVT US Army WWII September 9 1905 March 7 1974 (Interred, Rainier Cemetery)



Victor J Valla USCG & US Army


Becky Waldron Council 1983-1985 Rainier Mayor 86-88

Gary Warnock BM2 USN 1983-1992 Chris Warnock Navy Wife & Army Mom parents of Town Hero SGT Justin D Norton

US Navy James W Weatherwax 12 Oct 66 31 Aug 86

US Navy Submarine Service TMCS (SS) John A Weatherwax USS Sargo USS Whale USS Pickeral USS Sturgeon

SGT Donald W Wells US Army Reserves 1972-1982

Alfred T Wendler Rainier Blacksmith FD/Civilian Defense Willie Lavener-Wendler WWII Four Star Mother

Wendler Veterans Edward WW2 Army George WW2 Navy F Peter WW2 Army John 1952 -1954 Army

Fred Wendler Jimmie Whalen Fire Dept

Jack Wendler Spec 4 US Army 1979-1983

Mary Wendler-Atkins Rosie the Riveter “We can do it” WWII

Womens Army Corps Spec 5 Linda Wendler Thompson 1973-1976

Lindsay Pete Wendler 1/77 Armor Spec 4 US Army 1977-1980

James W Whalen “Wimpy” United States Navy 1942 through 1945

Glenn White 82nd ABN Christine Crooks Ret US Army

Arthur Henry Wilson US Army WWII John Allen Wilson US Army Vietnam Mark Allen Wilson US Army Iraq

Voyle (Bud) Wright World War II US Army 1944-1946 “Our special Dad” We love you

Arthur J Wienandt CH (MAJ) USA Retired 1987 - 2007



William R Yeoman CAPT United States Navy Retired


911, 2001

Flight 11 and WTC Tower #1 NYC September 11, 2001

Flight 175 and WTC Tower #2 NYC September 11, 2001

Flight 93 Lets Roll Shanksville, PA September 11, 2001

Flight 77 and the Pentagon WA DC September 11, 2001




Captain Edward C. Allworth, United States Army WWI France, Crawford, Washington


Private First Class Richard Beatty Anderson, United States Marine Corps WWII Marshall Islands, Tacoma, Washington

First Lieutenant Arnold L Bjorklund, United States Marine Corps WWII Alta Villa, Italy, Clinton, Washington

Hospitalman First Class Robert Eugene Bush, United States Navy WWII Okinawa, Tacoma, Washington

Major Robert Edward Galer, United States Marine Corps WWII Solomon Islands, Seattle, Washington

First Lieutenant Victor Leonard Kandle, United States Army WWII France, Roy, Washington

Boatswain’s Mate First Class Reinhardt John Keppler, United States Navy WWII Solomon Islands, Ralston, Washington

Private First Class Dexter James Kerstetter, United States Army WWII Luzon Philippine Islands, Centralia, Washington

Private First Class Joe Eugene Mann, United States Army WWII Best Holland, Rearden, Washington

Captain Albert Harold Rooks, United States Navy WWII U.S.S. Houston Sunda Strait Java Sea, Colton, Washington

First Lieutenant James Elms Swett, United States Marine Corps WWII Solomon Islands, Seattle, Washington

Lieutenant Commander Bruce Avery Van Voorhis, United States Navy WWII Solomon Islands, Aberdeen, Washington

General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV, United States Army WWII Corregidor Philippines, Fort Walla Walla, Washington


Master Sergeant Benjamin F Wilson, United States Army Korean War Hwach On-Myoon Korea, Vashon, Washington


Platoon Sergeant Bruce Alan Grandstaff, United States Army Vietnam Pleiku Province, Spokane, Washington

Specialist Fourth Class Thomas James Kinsman, United States Army Vietnam Vinh Long, Renton, Washington

First lieutenant Frank Stanley Reasoner, United States Marine Corps Vietnam Danang, Spokane, Washington

Construction Mechanic Third Class Marvin Glenn Shields, United States Navy Vietnam Dong Xoai, Port Townsend, Washington (Only SEE BEE to be awarded the MOH)








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